Located right at the center of Boardwalk, Trump Plaza Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City is a major center of excitement. Standing at 37 stories high, comprising 906 rooms of which 142 are distinguished as grand suites, the hotel in itself defines the real meaning of elegance and luxury. Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino tips in terms of casino gaming, accommodation, dining, relaxation opportunity and other forms of entertainment. In case you are concerned about beauty and wellness during your stay, you can simply access the Plaza Spa that features top modern exercise facilities, allover body massage service, sauna, service, tanning equipment, and several other beauty improving amenities that you’ll certainly love.


Inside the hotel, you’ll find one of the largest and outstanding casinos you can ever visit in the entire City of Atlantic. It is one of the major centers of action in the hotel, hosting plenty of games to play and enjoy. Wide-spaced with plenty of casino games to play and enjoy, the casino, has been a home to the many outstanding sporting events and other top entertainers. For the casino enthusiasts and players, the choice for a hotel stay in the Trump Plaza Hotel Casino is just perfect. With almost 85,000 square feet of floor area, there is always enough room for one to have fun and enjoy in the hotel’s casino. In case you are a lover of play slot games, you can simply proceed to the East Tower and gain access to the smoke-free room that is only designed for slots.

About Trump Plaza Hotel Casino

Plaza_Hotel_and_Casino Atlantic City
Several restaurants that operate inside the hotel service the casino. Distinct from other hotels in the region where in-house restaurants are excessively limited giving you fewer dining options, here you are offered with a variety of options to dine in. The clean environment right from the lobbies up to the rooms certainly literally adds up to the hotel’s casino elegance. The best determining factors of the hotel’s cleanliness are the positive feedbacks and reviews of its previous guests who have applauded the hotel’s rooms as being so clean during their stay.

The Trump Plaza Casino certainly offers you with plenty of complimentary services unlike other casinos in Atlantic City. With the great and fabulous services plus endless entertainment that you’ll get during your stay at the hotel, you can hardly complain about it. Also, putting into considering its prime location, the wide scope of services ranging from accommodations, recreation, dining, and the great staff, every penny that you’ll spent is certainly worth the experience.

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