A Guide to Special Features on Online Slots

When you play real money online slot machines, you’ll have access to a lot of different special features, depending on the game you choose to play. These features can play a huge role in the amount of money you win. The guide below will help you decide which of the features you want to look for and why.

Free Spins

The free spins are popular with most USA online slots players, and for good reason. When you trigger a free spins round, you get to have the reels spin for a certain number of times without it taking from your credits. Also, many times the free spins will multiply the amount you win and this can make a free spins round very lucrative. In some slots games the free spins also come up quite often, allowing you to sit back and watch your winnings collect. Check out the best USA online casino for Slots.

Bonus rounds

A Guide to Special Features on Online Slots



Slots games with bonus rounds are also popular with customers from online and mobile casinos for USA players. There are many ways a bonus round can be presented in a game. From a bonus spin to an interactive game played on a second screen, the possibilities are nearly endless. Some bonus rounds pay out a win no matter what and others give you the chance to achieve a win if the round ends in your favor.


Multipliers will multiply the amount of your winnings. Some of these multipliers can be good for huge amounts of money. Multipliers can be offered on the reels when you get certain symbols or combinations in some online slot games, or they can be offered during free spins or bonus rounds.


Scatter symbols are symbols that payout regardless of where they fall on the reels. This means, you can get two scatters on opposite ends of the reels and you will still receive a payout. Each USA mobile casinos game will have its own rules regarding the number of scatters needed for a payout.
Wild symbols

Wild symbols are also much loved by slots players and the USA online gamers that like Playing Real Cash Money Slots On Mobile Phone Apps.  The wild symbols will replace the other symbols on the reels when they show up and this can lead to a lot more wins. Some games offer multiplied wins when a win is made with a wild symbol. There may be some stipulations regarding certain symbols that can’t be replaced by the wilds, such as bonus symbols and scatters.

Once you find a game with special features you enjoy, you’ll see they can really add to the level of excitement, as well as the amount of money you can win when you play. Top

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