Win Real Money Playing Warlock Slot Machine Online

As a child, people used to dress up and portray powerful warlocks who hold the potions that can determine the world’s future. Now, online casino players can determine their own fate by outsmarting the wizard once they play Warlock’s Spell slots online. It does not take a wizard to be good at this game by Real Time Gaming. However, it still helps to understand how it works.

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How Many Reels Does Warlock’s Spell Online Slots Have

Warlock’s Spell has five reels and 15 paylines wherein various patterns can bring modest to big payouts. Adjustable bet amounts can be as low as 0.01 credits to as high as 5.00 per payline. Yet, the maximum bet per payline is fixed at 100.00 credits. The bigger the bet, the higher the potential winnings will be. To win in this game, the symbols must satisfy various patterns. The game’s regular symbols include the number nine, the number ten, the “J” which pertains for Jack, “Q” for queen, “K” for king and “A” for ace.
Play Warlock's Spell Online Slots Game

How Does The Payline Work In Warlock’s Spell Online Slots

If three nines or three tens appear in one payline, the player wins five credits. Four of which will merit 20 credits while five in one line awards 100 credits. Meanwhile, having three jacks or queens in one-line accounts to five credits while four in a payline corresponds to 25 credits. Getting five in one line is equivalent to 200 credits won. The King and the Ace provides for bigger payouts because having three, four or five of one symbol in a payline add 10, 30 and 250 credits to your USA allowed online slots bankroll respectively.

What Kind Of Symbols Are There?

Since the Warlock’s Spell online slots game is about wizardry and magic, the game has unique symbols that provide bigger prizes than the regular ones. The medallion symbol gives you five credits if two of which appear in one payline. However, getting three, four or five of which gives the player an additional 100, 500 and 1000 credits respectively. Also, the potion symbols can bring good fortune for two, three, four or five of it can translate to magical winnings of three, 30, 250 and 500 credits respectively.

The highest-paying special symbol is the black cat. Though it is usually associated to bad luck, this symbol brings good fortune of ten, 100, 1000 and 5000 credits for two, three, four and five appearances in one payline respectively. However, Kindly take note that credit winnings will still be multiplied with the credit bet to arrive at the final prize that will be added to one’s account. If a player bets five credits and gets five black cat symbols in a payline, he wins 25,000 credits.

Aside from the regular and special symbols, this online slots game also features wild and scatter symbols that can help complete paying patterns and unlock bonus games at the best online casinos. The game’s wild symbols are Witch, which appears only on reels one, two and three, and the Warlock which can only come out in reels three, four and five. Wild symbols substitute for any game symbol to complete winning patterns.

How Does The Bonus Work?

Also, its multiplier bonus works in a cumulative basis. Therefore, having a total of five Witch and Warlock symbols appearing in one spin regardless of payline multiplies your bet by 10,000 credits. Having four, three or two of which amounts to 2500, 200 and 20 credits respectively. If these amounts are enticing enough, try your luck and play real money slots online for American players by clicking here now.

Aside from the wilds, Warlock’s Spell scatter symbol is the spell book and making at least three of which appear in one spin activates its Potion Prize bonus game. In this side game, a player must mix the right ingredients to make a green potion that will counter the spell of the Warlock. If the right ingredient is chosen on the first try, the player wins 100 free games. This prize is then reduced to 25, 20, 25, 10 and 8 free games respectively based on the number of tries needed to get the potion right.

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