Mega Moolah progressive slot machine pays out millions this month

This month was life changing for one real money online gamer that likes to play real cash money slots online at Quatro Casino. The last progressive jackpot we heard Quatro Microgaming Casino paid out was a little over two million (dollars, Euros, Pounds, Ext). This month a player won $3,905,087 when he only bet one dollar twenty-five cents.

Mega Moolah Microgaming Online Slot Machine

The slot players screen name that won is G.M. and the online slot machine he was playing was the jungle themed Mega Moolah. This makes G.M. the largest winner at Quatro Casino ever! Quatro Casino and all of the Casino Rewards Partner Casinos have a reputation of big payouts. Over the past few years a real money slot player with the screen name A.F. won the $1,009,402 jackpot playing Major Millions. Some other players that struck it lucky were A.D. who won €3,841,871 just bet betting fifty cents playing Mega Moolah online slot machine for real money.

The great news is that Quatro Casino payouts on their existing customers in full. Some online and mobile casinos only pay out their customers in monthly payouts when they win the grand prize jackpot. Quatro Casino prides themselves on their weekly and monthly Microgaming promotions and paying out their customers on time, in full.

Mega Moolah has had more winners than many other online slot machines. Mega Moolah has a progressive jackpot, which means every time a real money casino player places a wager the jackpot continues to increase. This is different than a regular jackpot, which pays out a fixed number. When someone plays a progressive slot machine such as Mega Moolah the more they play the more they stand to win. Imagine every single time you spin the reel for real money you increase the amount of money you win, sounds pretty good doesn’t it? It worked well this month for G.M. who was playing Mega Moolah continuously but was only betting one dollar and twenty-five cents. This shows that real money slot players to not have to play for high stakes to win big, they can be playing for a few dollars, even a few pennies in some cases.

One thing that has been drawing real money online slot machine players to play Mega Moolah is the consistent winners that have been able to line up the same symbols on the reel, activating the progressive slot machine jackpot. The more people read about other players winning the more people begin to play Mega Moolah. One thing that makes Mega Moolah a unique, one-of-a-kind slot machine is that every time that someone wins the progressive slot jackpot, it is reset. When other casinos reset their jackpot usually goes down a considerable amount but in Quatro Casinos casino, they reset their jackpot to one million dollars. To Celebrate G.M. ‘s big win, Quatro Microgaming Casino is offering one hundred dollars worth of scratch cards for free for new players when you sign up through one of our links or banners. Scratch cards can be used to play almost five hundred games at Quatro Casino, which include blackjack, slot machines, video poker, roulette, plus Mega Moolah if you want to be the next Mega Millionaire.

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