Ocean Oddities Casino Slots Game Review

Ocean Oddities is a five reel progressive slot machine that is powered by Realtime Gaming Software. Like the name suggest, it has a ocean theme, and features excellent graphics and sounds. Give it a try yourself, we have a free version for you below. Play Ocean Oddities slots online

We found it pretty entertaining and a nice change from the regular games that we play. Besides the poker tournaments we enter, we dabble in a little online slots action for some real money. We are always looking for variety to entertain us; we get board-playing games pretty easy. I am not going to say we find playing poker easy, some people find different games to be more fun than others.

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What is Ocean Oddities the NEW Grand Casino Slots Game?

Ocean Oddities is a five reel, twenty-five pay-line USA online slots with two random progressive slots. We usually stick to the real time gaming software because of its graphics and oceans oddities fit the bill.

What makes playing Ocean Oddities Slots Online Fun?

One of the fun and exciting things about playing Ocean Oddities for real money is that the bets are based on different coin sizes. This is a nice change of pace for us; we recently were playing field of dreams, which I really liked. We moved on to the casino game Wooden Boy; which we liked however we did not think it was the best online slots game to play for American (USA) Players.

Can you play Ocean Oddities for Free or is it strictly for real money players?

Ocean Oddities the NEW Grand Casino Slots Game
This is a question that American Poker Directory gets often about many games. You may be able to find Ocean Oddities at a free online casino somewhere. Henceforth my wife and I like to gamble, we only play for real money and we only write reviews as real money players. The answer to the question is maybe, but we do not know.
What is the scatter symbol for Ocean Oddities Slots Online?

The scattered symbol is the pink pearl symbol. When you obtain two or more pearls, Shark, Pearl combinations, will get your winning. When you get three of more pearl or shark and pearl combinations you may receive some free casino games of spins.

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