Play Golden Glove Slots at Las Vegas USA Casino – Get $3000 Bonus


Play Golden Glove slots at Las Vegas USA casino for real money, Sports and other such disciplines are part of our culture and a fun way of relaxing our minds. With the advanced state of technology, there are many games available to players, especially on line. Golden glove slot is a progressive, interesting game that you can play at online casinos. This game is similar to base ball game, with all the baseball features, only that it is played in a virtual environment. If you’re a Yankee fan, you are going to love this.

Progressive Slots Jackpots Guide

The convenience and simplicity that the online software offers, together with the interactive interface makes the game easy to learn. The game contains 5 reels and 20 lines. The lines represent the amount of lines on the screen. There are good chances of you winning bonuses on this fun game. You can even select auto play feature to play the game automatically, with a progressive feature advanced triggered at the end of each spin. It is by far the only game you can play on as low as one cent bet or as a high as $100 per spin. The game features a maximum jackpot of $ 5000.

Play Golden Glove Slots at Las Vegas USA Casino – Get $3000 Bonus

About Golden Glove Slots

You need no physical equipment and gear to play the golden glove USA friendly online slots game. The online software provides you with a virtual exact baseball environment. The environment contains a batter, a scatter, a baseball, a cap, a helmet, a trophy, a fan, a catcher, letters H, I and T and even a box of popcorns. The batter symbol (a wild symbol) causes a multiplier and gets free spins for the player. The gloves, which only appear on the third reel, bring wins when they appear on reels. More than two appearances, reading from right to left or from left to right triggers the homerun feature. The batter is a wild symbol and replaces other symbols to form a winning combination. Glove is the key to unlock the homerun feature.

How To Play Golden Glove Slots Online

Playing golden glove is relatively easy and as challenging as the real baseball game. You initially start with a bet and spin. You then advance to homerun feature and later to the grand slam feature. The homerun feature is triggered when three or more gloves (the scatter symbols) reading from left to right or right to left, appear on the reels. You then get nine free awards and the entire prize is doubled. When the HIT letters appears on number 2, 3, 4 reels respectively, the prize is accumulated and the grand slam feature is triggered.

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This also grants a 1,2,3,4 base hit where each runner scores a run. At the grand slam feature, 5 multiply the prizes and each run in the previous home run feature is awarded up to 100 times the triggering bet. Starting the game is easy. You just need to open the software online at one of the online casinos. Start by placing the bets by choosing the amount of lines. You do this easily by adjusting the number of lines. Spinning is as easy as a click. Just click on the spin button and the winnings are credited automatically to your account.


A golden glove slot review reveals that its rules are easy to follow. All the symbols pay from left to right. The only exception is the scatter symbols (gloves), which read from, left to right and as well as from right to left. When you play homerun, you can win 9 free games and also double your prizes. 5 multiply the prizes when you make it to the grand slam feature. Every time you win a around at the homerun feature, you get one chance to play the grand slam feature. The wins on different lines are added up together and scatter wins are added to line wins. Highest win is on only each line .The scatter wins are multiplied by bet per line and the highest reward on a slot is 40000 times that bet per line, in every spin. You can play just one line, all or any number of lines. It is unlimited.

Here are some tips and strategies that can help you win more and lose less on the golden glove slot game. Most often, the game just requires luck. But you need to invite that luck with some techniques. The glove (scatter symbol) is the most important symbol. Its appearance more than three times reading from left to right and also from right to left unlocks the homerun feature. It will get you multipliers in your bet. Get at least two and grab multiple rewards on your total bet. Another strategy is by minimizing the amount of losses by minimizing the amount of bets you place. The game has four bases. Start at the first base and place a predetermined bet, proceed and place the same at the second base. Place the highest value or the closest to it at the third base. Revert back to the normal bet at the fourth base. This definitely ensures you get the most wins and the least losses. An in-depth study of the games rules and conditions also helps a lot. Make sure to practice as often as you possibly can in order to gain confidence. You can even start to practice with the free games available online. You can later advance to a paid casino to ensure you score your wins. Using a reputable software and online casino is also an added advantage to you.

The game may seem complicated at first but it becomes easy to get the concepts when you actually play the game. You then get to see the features in action and master the tactics. This is the best progressive game you have ever played; with a random progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of each game.

There are several casinos where you can play golden glove slot game. You may also find an online community for playing advice and also get golden glove slot reviews. An important thing is also to stay within legal jurisdiction regarding all gambling and online casinos.

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