Relaxing On The Beach With Our Tablets and Mobile Phones

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During the weekend my wife and I had some time to relax at the beach, sit back and watch the ocean as the summer comes to an end. Naturally we both have our tablets with US and recently my wife has gone wild playing poker and slots on her mobile phone.

I love to make money playing in poker tournaments online and have some fun with the winnings playing a game of T-Rex or Gold Beard. Although many people have gotten excited about smart phones I have never liked them.

When I play slots online, I like to play on my laptop or my old fashion desktop. Many of the guys and gals in the US do not have desktop computers anymore; they simply have tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.

I used to stay away from slots because it is too much of a gamble in my opinion. Playing in Texas Holdem Tournaments are more predictable and profitable. However I have played slots online recently and I have been having a good time with them.

While the two of US like games like T-Rex one of my favorites is Field of dreams. Since I am a football fan, it is right up my alley. I had played a few games of field of dreams on the beach with my wife over the weekend on her phone but did not like it.

I feel the screen is too small and would rather wait until I have my laptop. Overall we had a great weekend and it proved to be one of the more relaxing times that we have had over this summer.

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