2 Million B.C. 3D Slots Review

Million B.C. 3D Slots
Travel back in time and hunt for treasures with Oogh, the caveman who takes on an adventurous journey through the dangerous jungles to find diamonds for his wife. This amazing 3D slot game is a 5-reel, 30-line slot online game that can be played online for free. You can earn some big rewards, as there are many numbers of bonuses hidden throughout the game. If you’re interested in high-action, friendly and exciting online gaming that has a fantastic game play, then the 2 Million B.C 3D Slots is the perfect slot game. Play Real Cash Money Slots Online at GTBETS Casino that is powered by Betsoft casino gaming software. GTBETS Casino allows USA players and has a online and Mobile Casino!

How To Play 2 Million B.C. 3D Slots For Real Cash Money

Now you can play 2 Million B.C 3D Slots online or any iOS device including Iphone’s, iPad’s, and ipad Minis for free and without any hassle. You can play between 1 and 5 coins on each line and just like all 3D slot games, your objective is to match similar symbols across pay lines where only the left-to-right combinations count as wins. We look at some of the attractive features of this online game that has made it popular amongst the players of 3D slots and other online casino games:

2 Million B.C. 3D Slots Features

· 5-reel and 30-line slots
· Theme and Presentation – The theme, set in prehistoric Stone Age makes for an adventurous setting with a lot of graphical; the sound effects are nice and overall the presentation is charming
· Large payouts – One can earn huge payouts and earn up to $2,500 if you’re playing with the highest denominations and the bonuses can help you earn some huge rewards too

· Free Spins Bonus – You can get into the free spins in night time mode by hitting 3 or more Camp Fire symbols and get more free spins by acquiring additional Camp Fire symbols to get more bonuses
· Saber Attack Feature – If you manage to collect 3 Acorn tokens, the Saber Attacks feature will turn on and you can earn an instant coin reward if you manage to help the caveman aim and shoot out the Sabertooth Cat. There’s an option to store the Acorn tokens too for future use.
· The Diamond Bonus – This is the most attractive and favorite part of the game, wherein if you hit 3 or more diamonds on the reels, you not only get some amazing prizes but also get to play a second bonus game that involves stealing a diamond from a sabertooth tiger! You get to help the caveman in this mission and if the caveman does a good job, your rewards get higher.

These and many other amazing features have made this game an instant hit with people across the world. Now you can also play 2 Million B.C 3D Slots online or any iOS device including Iphone’s, iPad’s, and ipad Minis. So, why wait any longer; play slots for real cash money online instantly!

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