Heist 3D Slots online

Heist 3D Online Slots Review

Online slot games are becoming more popular amongst gamers. Heist 3D has become one of the most popular real cash money slot games played online and on iOS devices. It is a fun, intriguing game with great interactive graphics, sound and most of all – a great storyline. The cops and robbers story is not common and it has not been done as much as other themes that have made it onto the gaming world.

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Heist 3D Online Slots Story


The story is simple: There’s a main character Neil Quaylan who might be the best bank robber in cyberspace so far and of course there’s the detective, Albert Kowalski whose life mission is to track him down but the thief has always been a step ahead. The 3D slot game is the final showdown in this cat and mouse game between the master thief and cop. Quaylan is setting up for his biggest score yet and Kowalski is just itching to get ahead of him for once. The whole premise of the game is based on this final score- you have to outwit Kowalski and get the loot.

Heist 3D Online Slots Important features and motifs

You get the action you’d expect from an online video slot game but thanks to advanced animation and sound there are great motifs, symbols and feature that make every moment of the game great. There are standard icons you can use that are associated with burglary like glasscutters but what you can do with these icons is not what you’d typically do. It is after all a slots game so glasscutter icons earn you free spins and instant real cash money bonuses.

The two important icons in the game are the glasscutters and the vault symbol. When you hit three or more glasscutter icons on a pay line, you get a reward. Your reward could either be bonus credits, free spins or instant access to a bonus round. If you get three vault symbols on a pay line you get to step in the main character’s shoes and hack in to the security system. You will see a C4 symbol, which is great but not so wonderful unless you learn how to play it so that it does not land in the center of the gaming board. When this happens the game changes and allows you to play a 2x wild reel, which can be locked to play it in the next spin.

How to bet when playing Heist 3D Online Slots for real cash money

You can choose your bankroll starting as low as 2 cents and going up to a $1. You choose your coin denominations and chose the wagers you want to put up with each round. This is a straightforward game that can get addictive very quickly with big payout and prizes.

You can get instant play for up to 5 reels. There are 30 pay lines, bonus rounds, free spins and an automatic play mode. The Min bet might be as low as $0.02 but the maximum payout can go up to $3,700. You can play Heist 3D Slots online or on any iOS device like the iPhone or iPads.

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